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Welcome to our detective agency web site!

Private detective internet agency           Private detective internet agency "IWI - International Web Investigations" was founded in 2008, by Ukrainian professional specialists in computers, the Internet and private investigations, and provide our professional Internet services for residents of all countries in the world. For our detectives there are no borders in our search and we make our internet - investigations in all countries of the world and help to learn the secrets hidden in the bowels of the Internet, absolutely for all inhabitants of the Earth.

"IWI - International Web Investigations" private detective agency was the first, who start provide web investigative service through internet in whole World. Our web investigations can help to our clients in various situations - if you want to investigate somebody in internet ( to find what doing your person in internet), check information about scam, fraud, etc.. , check reputation and internet activity of persons (childrens, wife or husband, boy or girlfriend, etc..) or organization, make internet marketing, find any other information in internet. More about our services, you will find in our SERVICES page.

Our detective agency "IWI - International Web Investigations" cooperate with other web private detectives and investigators of all countries of the world, to render the necessary help to our colleagues, as we are doing the same very important, difficult and at the same time useful business. The International agency of private detectives and investigators "IWI - International Web Investigations" guarantees our client the high quality, professionalism, confidentiality while doing the errands. Nobody will know about your reference to our agency. We assure policy of confidentiality and anonymity of your reference.

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